When Angry Orchard launched nationwide in 2012, there was practically no market for hard cider in the United States. The category took off almost immediately, with Angry Orchard leading the charge, and today the brand is one of the best known (and best loved) in the space.


Today’s health-conscious consumers are thirsty for lighter alternatives to conventional beer, wine, and spirits. As a result, the hard cider category has become increasingly crowded with craft hard ciders—as well as seltzers, kombuchas, and more. Angry Orchard needed to reassert itself as the undisputed leader in a rapidly expanding category, as well as realigning its brand with a new wave of consumer preferences and perceptions.


The evolved Angry Orchard packaging retains the tree and orchard environment in which the brand has built equity over the years, while updating the illustration style to be more modern, sophisticated, and premium. A new logomark further helped with brand storytelling, communicating both the brand’s premium and its craft origin.

Additionally, the new design system drastically improved shoppability, allowing consumers to better understand what to expect from each of the brand’s various SKUs.