Who We Are

Moxie Sozo is the bold application of intelligence and creativity.

We are a vibrant, collaborative team of designers, illustrators, strategists, animators, developers, digital marketers, and account managers hell-bent on meaningful creative disruption.

  • Inspiration

    A good idea could be hiding anywhere, so our office is chock full of places to look.

  • Capabilities

    We develop original and creative solutions that deliver compelling visual and verbal narratives in every piece of work we create.

    We are excellent storytellers; our work tends to be intellectually provocative and impossible to ignore or forget.

    Brand Strategy

    • Insight Gathering
    • Brand Positioning
    • Brand Articulation
    • Brand Platform Development
    • Voice & Tone
    • Messaging Strategy
    • Brand Story
    • Naming
    • Tagline Development
    • Mentorships

    Brand Development

    • Brand Identity
    • Packaging
    • Copywriting
    • Illustration
    • Motion Design
    • Interactive
    • Website Design
    • Website Development

    Brand Activation

    • Marketing Collateral
    • Experiential Branding
    • Campaign Concepts

    Our Clients

    We’ve worked with clients, large and small, on all seven continents. Yes, seven.

    Map-Globe (Americas)


    We solve problems. How we do it depends on the business challenge to be solved.

    Moxie Sozo’s approach has been refined over the course of thousands of projects for hundreds of clients. It is in-depth, multi-phased, highly collaborative, and allows for input from key stakeholders.


    Data becomes insight becomes opportunity. We uncover the most favorable opportunities for success based on your consumer, category, and brand rights to win.


    Laying the foundation for thoughtful domination. We create innovation, brand, and communication strategies purpose-built to nudge, push, or shove your brand forward.


    Translating strategy into possibility. We think expansively before thinking practically to develop a broad range of breakthrough creative concepts, ideas, and solutions.


    Teasing concepts into finished work. We develop stunning creative deliverables, from identity and packaging to advertising campaigns and websites.


    Ensuring success from project start to beyond-finished. We evolve as necessary to ensure success before launch and in-market as industry dynamics and consumer desires shift.

  • Culture

    The walls of our office are packed with an eclectic mix of curiosities from across the ages and around the world.

    Our 135-year-old building is too hot in the summer, drafty in the winter, and may also have a ghost (which is all fine by us). It feeds a certain kind of madness—one built on three core tenets.

  • Inspiration

    Despite the trophies hanging on our walls, we are not big game hunters.

  • Values

    Our name inspires our values.


    Brands and people have the power to change their categories, create new ones, or reshape society. We are fueled by the ones courageous enough to do it.


    Information is all around us, so inspiration is everywhere—in data, in the past, in people, and in the world around us. Curiosity, intelligence, and intuition are the keys to harnessing it.


    There are limits to much of the human experience. Not the human imagination. Its boundlessness is where we’ll find solutions to even the most complex challenges.

  • Careers

    Creative cult seeking fanatical followers.

    If you have an outstanding portfolio, an insatiable curiosity, and a burning desire to work with the best in the industry, we’d love to speak with you.

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